Whole Body – Electro Muscular Stimulation (WB-EMS)

Future Fit Benefits

Whole Body Wellness

A Fit body is a happy body! With continued Future Fit sessions, not only will you feel stronger and perform better, your overall health will be improved in ways you never imagined! Reduced cholesterol, boosted metabolism, stronger heart and increased lung capacity are just a few examples!

Max Results in Minimum Time

A 20 minute Future Fit session delivers the equivalent of several hours of strength interval training


The lack of weights in Future Fit sessions enables a high-intensity workout that is low-impact on joints, bones, nerves, and muscles

Reduces Overall Fat

Future Fit sessions prompt a higher level of metabolic activity both during and after workouts, causing the body to burn more fat longer. Male and female members have seen reduced fat in common problem areas.

Builds Muscle

The extra stimulation given to muscles during a Future Fit session leads to a quicker increase in muscle mass. Studies have also shown that EMS is effective at speeding muscle rebuilding post-surgery.

Builds Strength and Endurance

A typical gym workout uses just 40-70% of your strength potential. By improving how muscles work together and increasing muscle contraction intensity, Future Fit sessions use up to 90%.

Relaxes Muscle Tension

Future Fit sessions promote the circulation of blood throughout the muscles, which can significantly help to release muscular tension and knots.

Corrects Muscular Imbalance

Future Fit sessions can be customized to target selective muscle groups or sides of the body, which can play a vital role in correcting imbalances

Improves Posture

Future Fit sessions are particularly effective at improving core strength, and those hard to work muscles on your back. Leading to improved posture.

The Future of Fitness is here!!

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